Eric Leads Bar Association of San Francisco Panel on Law Firm Management

On September 26, Eric and two other San Francisco attorneys participated in panel on setting up a law practice and law firm management at the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF). The panel was part of the Community Law Practice Incubator program launched by 2016 BASF Board of Directors President Michael Tubach and the BASF staff. The program’s mission is to is to “develop a diverse set of skilled solo/small firm practitioners who will weave a social justice mission to serve the public into the fabric of their new law practice.” The 2016 Program includes four participants with a diverse set of interests.

Joining Eric on the panel were John Hamasaki, Esq., Trial Attorney & Founder of Hamasaki Law, a firm focusing on criminal defense; and Nnena Ukuku, Esq., Founding Partner of Venture Gained Legal LLP, a firm focusing on strategic counsel for startups.

The panel discussed a variety of topics related to starting up a new practice. John discussed BASF’s Small Firm Toolkit, creating a business/marketing plan, and choosing case management/calendaring/accounting software; Nnena discussed opening a case file and provided a sample budget template; and Eric discussed establishing a business entity, choosing a bank and financing a new law practice, and collecting and managing revenue.

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