Eric Speaks to First Year Law Students at UC Davis School of Law

Last month, Eric spoke to a class of first year law students at UC Davis School of Law about life as an attorney managing a law firm.  Invited by Legal Research and Writing Fellow (and fellow 2009 UC Davis School of Law classmate) Lauren Stone, Eric was one of several guest speakers in Ms. Stone’s class this semester to provide her first year students with a perspective on life as a practicing lawyer.

Eric spoke about his background, from his career before law school as an English teacher living overseas to his first year at UC Davis School of Law.  He suggested that students interested in starting up their own law firm spend one summer after their first or second year in an internship with an attorney in solo practice or at a small firm setting to develop a better understand of whether this is something the law student is prepared to pursue.  Eric discussed a typical day as the manager of a law firm, the unique challenges law firm owners face, working at a law firm versus managing one’s own, and the constant struggle for work-life balance.

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