Introducing Ben Lewis

One of Toscano Law Group’s first hires in 2016 was Benjamin L. Lewis. A fellow UC Davis School of Law (King Hall) alum, Ben joined TLG as an attorney earlier this year. Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Public Law from University of California, San Diego in California. At King Hall, he was Managing Editor of the Business Law Journal and served as the Fundraising Director for the Humanitarian Aid Legal Organization, a student organization that assists and raises awareness of underserved communities. Ben also participated in the UC Davis Civil Rights Clinic, where he worked to ensure proper living conditions for inmates at the Yuba County Jail, and was a semifinalist in the Carr Mock Trial Competition. Prior to joining Toscano Law Group, Ben gained work experience as a legal assistant at Qualcomm Mems Technologies. He also clerked at the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, where he represented clients suffering discrimination; and at the Office of the Attorney General’s Employment and Administrative Mandate Division. Ben has been a volunteer for over 14 years at the Morgan Autism Center in San Jose.We recently sat down with Benjamin for a brief Q&A.

So what made you decide to pursue a career as a lawyer?

During my first year at UC San Diego, I took a course on civil rights and was immediately inspired. I saw the law as a tool that can allow people to live meaningful, productive, and happy lives. I knew that I would feel most satisfied in a career where I am able to help people and give back to the community, which is exactly what I found here at Toscano Law Group.

What was your favorite course at King Hall?

Funny enough, it was Property. I had an amazing professor that was smart, funny, and clear. He had an amazing way of bringing the material to life and instilling the subject’s logical reasoning into his students.

You have a background in employment and housing law. What draws you to these practice areas?

As I said before, I wanted to help people. Employment law and housing law resonated with me because they have such a large impact on a person’s life. Just by looking at time alone, a person will spend most of their time in their home and at work, so helping someone to feel happy and comfortable in those environments can have a tremendous effect on their life. For this reason, I feel extremely rewarded by playing a part in getting someone’s life back on track as soon as possible.

What do you enjoy most about plaintiff’s work?

Most plaintiffs are kind, considerate, and honest people that have a story to tell. It is a pleasure to work with genuine people who are only trying to make their lives whole again.

And finally, something a little more fun and personal. If you had a Saturday completely free, what would be your ideal way to spend the day?

My ideal day would be spent soaking up the sun outdoors surrounded by old friends. An afternoon playing softball, hiking, or going to the beach is one of my favorite ways to recharge after a busy week. In the evening, I would love to chow down on amazing food off the barbeque and relax in front of the Giants game or a good movie.

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