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(Fully Remote) Client Onboarding Specialist Needed for Fast-Growing Tenant Rights Law Firm

Do you have experience with customer service or sales?

Do you enjoy working from home? 

Are you comfortable with technology and interacting via teleconferencing or telephone? 

Are you looking to join a team of smart, hardworking, and high-energy legal professionals in one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States that was also recently certified as a Great Place to Work®?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, and your current employer does not offer the following perks: 

  •   ● 100% remote work with state-of-the-art firm-issued computer and telecommunications equipment; 
  •   ● Competitive compensation that includes unlimited bonuses tied to the achievement of objective milestones; 
  •   ● Open (unlimited!!!) paid time off; 
  •   ● Paid holidays (ten days per year) and, for employees, paid sick leave in accordance with state law; 
  •   ● Professional growth opportunities; 
  •   ● For employees, health, dental, vision, and life insurance after ninety days of fulltime employment; and 
  •   ● For employees, a retirement plan with a 3% mandatory employer contribution beginning twelve months from the date of employment. 


We are a fast-growing tenant rights law firm dedicated to helping California tenants who have been illegally evicted, harassed, discriminated against, or forced to endure unlivable conditions recover money for their losses. We are looking to bring our services to thousands more renters throughout California by continuing to grow our firm 50% year over year. We are looking for a rockstar Client Onboarding Specialist to join the ranks of our Client Intake & Engagement Team. The Client Onboarding Specialist’s primary duties are to (1) monitor and reply to emails sent to the email address to which Prospective New Clients (PNCs) forward documents for evaluation; (2) download and save files sent to the previously mentioned email address to the appropriate OneDrive folder where they can be reviewed by the Prospective New Matter (PNM) Team; (3) during regularly scheduled lunch hours and when the other Client Intake Specialists are on calls with PNCs, act as the first point of contact for new PNCs, greeting them before their call goes to voicemail; (4) conduct a high-level screening to determine whether a PNC is “Qualified”; (5) if Qualified, conduct an intake to determine whether the PNC has a problem TLG may be able to help them with; and (6) schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Client Engagement Specialist. 

This position will be responsible for critically important work, including: 

  •   ● Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for position on a daily basis. 
  •   ● Ensuring that no PNC files remain in the email address to which PNCs forward documents for evaluation. 
  •   ● Reaching out to at least five PNCs every day to see if they need help submitting documents. 
  •   ● Ensuring 0 unread messages in info@ email inbox at the end of each day and 100% of messages forwarded to proper parties. 
  •   ● Helping PNCs complete their Monthly Chart of Rent Paid & Habitability Issues if needed. 
  •   ● Ensuring that no more than 20% of live phone calls from PNCs go to voicemail. 
  •   ● Reaching out to PNCs to gather documents if requested by Client Engagement Specialist. 
  •   ● Handling all calls from callers who are not PNCs according to TLG’s call handling policies. 
  •   ● Conducting a quick screen for all PNCs, collecting contact information, information on how the PNC heard about TLG, and determining whether the PNC is Qualified or Unqualified. 
  •   ● If Qualified, conducting a short intake in English or Spanish; explaining next steps in the intake process; schedule a Free Case Evaluation with a Client Engagement Specialist; and preparing the PNC for next steps, which will include sending an email confirming the details of the appointment, emailing materials meant to help the PNC prepare for the appointment, and ensuring there is an understanding that the appointment is not a guarantee of legal representation. 
  •   ● If Unqualified, offering to provide the PNC with a referral. 
  •   ● Scheduling 85% of Qualified PNCs for Free Case Evaluations (FCEs). 
  •   ● Ensuring 100% of PNCs have been entered into the firm’s Customer Relationship Management software (Lawmatics). 
  •   ● Ensuring all PNCs who contact the firm for help are better off, providing an empathetic voice and always engaging with them in a friendly and professional manner. 
  •   ● Documenting all of the above in Lawmatics for the benefit of all team members of the Client Intake & Engagement Team. 
  •   ● Enlisting the assistance of the Client Intake & Engagement Manager, as needed, to determine whether a PNC is Qualified or Unqualified. 
  •   ● Scheduling Silver, Gold, and Platinum Consultations, as needed, if the PNC needs legal advice from an attorney immediately. 
  •   ● Contributing to the development and/or revision of the Client Intake & Engagement section of the firm’s online training app (Trainual). 
  •   ● Attending Daily Stand-Up Meetings with the Client Intake & Engagement Team. 
  •   ● Attending Weekly Team Meetings and Weekly Lunch & Learns. 
  •   ● Attending Monthly Coaching Meetings with the CIEM. 

If the following statements describe you, then you may be our Client Onboarding Specialist: 

  •   ● You are confident, articulate, and comfortable. 
  •   ● You can empathize with PNCs’ situations, exuding warmth, and compassion. 
  •   ● You have either some previous familiarity with or an interest in tenant rights law and can learn what makes strong tenant rights cases. 
  •   ● You believe in the firm’s commitment to work-life balance but are nonetheless prepared to arrive early, stay late, and work on weekends when necessary to get the job done. 
  •   ● You pay great attention to detail. You proofread documents and emails; you do not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project. 
  •   ● You expect personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best. 
  •   ● You are honest and trustworthy, do not cut corners ethically, earn trust and maintain confidences when appropriate, and, most importantly, do what is right, not just what is expedient. 
  •   ● You are innovative, growth-minded, can generate new and creative approaches to problems, and can maximize value and use of technology and other resources. 
  •   ● You can act without being told what to do and bring new ideas to the COO and CEO. 
  •   ● You work at a fast pace with the ability to move between tasks quickly, are not overwhelmed with volume or by deadlines, and spend time on tasks that add value. 
  •   ● You develop and nurture productive and professional relationships with PNCs, clients, and staff, and are amicable, friendly, and warm. 
  •   ● You are fast-learning, self-directed, and are able to work with minimal oversight. 
  •   ● Your middle name is “No Drama.” 
  •   ● You are an awesome juggler of tasks and can change gears quickly. 
  •   ● You do not think of any task as “beneath you.” 

The ideal candidate has prior experience in customer service, legal sales, and/or direct client relations; speaks Spanish (preferably); has excellent interpersonal and organizational skills; and is proficient with the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office, including Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, and OneDrive. Experience with Adobe Acrobat Pro, Zoom/Zoom Phone, Clio Manage, Lawmatics, and Keeper Security preferred, not required. The ideal candidate has a demonstrated commitment to fighting for social justice and tenant rights, a high comfort level with technology, and an interest in growing with the firm. Finally, the ideal candidate will have a positive attitude and sense of humor, and be willing to follow documented policies, systems, and procedures. 

This is a full-time job, and you absolutely must be available to work between 7:00 a.m. Pacific and 4:00 p.m. Pacific with flexibility as to the timing of the one-hour lunch break to ensure continuous telephone coverage throughout the workday. All work may be done virtually. Compensation depends on experience. Benefits include 100% remote work; open (unlimited!!!) paid time off; paid holidays (ten days per year); and professional growth opportunities. For employees, benefits also include state-of-the-art firm-issued computer and telecommunications equipment; health, dental, and vision benefits after ninety days of full-time employment; sick leave in accordance with state law; and a retirement plan with a 3% mandatory employer contribution beginning twelve months from the date of employment. 


About the Firm 

Founded in January 2016, Tenant Law Group is dedicated exclusively to the representation of renters and helps California tenants recover money for their losses.  Law Firm 500 recognized Tenant Law Group as the twenty-second fastest growing law firm in the United States in 2019 with an aggregate growth rate of 193%; the twelfth fastest growing law firm in the United States in 2020 with an aggregate growth rate of 449%; the fortieth fastest growing law firm in the United States in 2021 with an aggregate growth rate of 187%; and the seventy-eighth fastest growing law firm in the United States in 2022 with an aggregate growth rate of 151%.  In 2022, Inc. 5000 recognized Tenant Law Group as among the five thousand fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States (#3,448), one of only forty-two law firms to be recognized.  Our clients are California renters who are experiencing any type of dispute with their landlord.  We have offices in San Francisco (headquarters), Oakland, and Los Angeles—with plans to expand to additional locations in 2023.  Our team size is currently thirty-nine, including fourteen full-time employees, one part-time employee, and twenty-four contractors.  We are committed to the work we do for our clients, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and really value professional development and team building.  Here is our mission statement: 

Tenant Law Group is dedicated to helping California renters who have been harassed, injured, discriminated against, illegally evicted, or forced to endure inhumane living conditions.  We are committed to the ideal that all tenants, regardless of financial resources, are entitled to legal representation.  While our clients include renters from all backgrounds, we are especially dedicated to those who are most vulnerable—namely, the indigent, the elderly, immigrants, blue-collar workers, and individuals with disabilities.  We believe in doing well by doing good, understand the high demand for tenant rights legal services in California generally and in the Bay Area in particular, and therefore aim to grow our firm as rapidly as possible to serve the approximately eighteen million renters in California.  We treat our clients with dignity and respect, and value the personal and professional development of everyone in our organization.  Our core values are justice, compassion, professionalism, hard work, and innovation.  Tenant Law Group is an equal opportunity employer. 

Se habla español. 

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