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Senior Paralegal

Lucía Miri Echavarría

Lucía originally joined Tenant Law Group in April 2020. Although previously a Case Manager and Legal Assistant, she now works as a Senior Paralegal assisting Attorney Anthony E. Castillon-Mendoza, Esq. in pursuing affirmative claims against landlords who have violated the rights of tenants.

Lucía received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has spent most of her professional career working in administrative support and in international and non-governmental organizations fighting for social justice. She has worked both as part of a team working together for a common goal and as an entrepreneur.

Before joining Tenant Law Group, Lucia worked as the Executive Assistant for Athentun, a medical organization that spreads awareness about ADHD in Argentina. She was also an assistant to the International Cooperation for Development team at the Argentinian Council of Foreign Relations. Before that, she also worked as a Project Manager for Red por la Infancia, an Argentinian non-governmental organization focusing on innovative projects to stop child abuse. She also volunteered at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Buenos Aires.

Hardworking, curious, and passionate, Lucia strives to create, build, and follow through in all professional and personal endeavors. She enjoys singing and creating music as well as focusing daily on mindfulness and physical training.

Lucia speaks native Spanish and fluent English.

Hobbies & Activities:

  • Creating music
  • Physical training
  • Singing