We Fight For Tenant Rights In California

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You're Not Alone! Advocating for Tenant Rights in Unsafe Living Conditions, We Ensure Your Voice is Heard and Legal Rights Protected. Let's Hold Negligent Landlords Accountable Together.

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We Fight For Tenant Rights In California

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Our law firm, helps California tenants who have been illegally evicted, harassed, or forced to endure unlivable conditions recover money from their landlords.
Oakland Repair Rules & Rent Restrictions

If Oakland's Code Enforcement notifies a landlord of specific habitability complaints, not caused by the tenant, and repairs aren't made within 35 days of notice, the landlord cannot demand or collect rent, increase rent, or issue a pay or quit notice.

Protection from Retaliation for Tenant Complaints

Landlords cannot retaliate against tenants for making a housing habitability complaint to Oakland’s Code Enforcement Services.

Monetary Claims for Unaddressed Repairs and Tenant Harassment

Failing to perform repairs required by Oakland’s Code Enforcement Services may be considered tenant harassment, potentially allowing the tenant to recover money from the landlord for this harassment.

Since January 2016, Tenant Law Group has represented thousands of tenants in Oakland and throughout California. Our firm has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars for tenants who have been illegally evicted, harassed, or forced to endure unlivable conditions. Our satisfied clients have left us hundreds of positive online reviews, and we hold ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on all major platforms.

Because, for certain cases, our firm earns a legal fee only if we are successful in recovering money for our tenant clients, Tenant Law Group may be able to represent you without any upfront cost.

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