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Tenant Rights Special Report

Tenant Rights
Special Report

Can I Recover Money for Being Forced Out of My Rental Unit? Ten Signs You Are Being Illegally Evicted

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Secured a global settlement of over $420,000.00 twenty-four days before trial on behalf of two elderly tenants who alleged they had beenRead More

$250,000.00 Settlement in San Francisco Harassment

Secured a quarter-million-dollar settlement fifty-four days before trial on behalf of two professional women alleging they had been wrongfully evicted from theirRead More

$225,000.00 Settlement in Oakland Harassment and

Secured a $225,000.00 on behalf of three immigrants (a single mother, her minor son, and a family friend), who resided in theRead More

Do I Have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Our office handles a variety of landlord-tenant matters. While landlord-tenant disputes frequently arise, not all scenarios give rise to legal claims. Click below to learn more about whether your dispute may warrant legal action, if it could potentially qualify as a contingency case, and if it is a good fit for our firm.



Words Are Insufficient to Express My Gratitude – 

Words are insufficient to express my gratitude to you for your legal services to me regarding the conclusion of my 30-year tenancy . . . . You exhibited extensive and expert knowledge of San Francisco tenant/landlord law and rent control ordinances as they applied to my personal situation, and in general. [Y]ou were available by phone and in person and provided accurate and excellent advice, personal and empathetic support throughout what had become for me a stressful crisis; and you took, with consultation, professional legal action in my best interests. You were very and immediately responsive and accommodating in communications, despite my lack of email and Internet access. You negotiated a very reasonable and generous buyout of my tenancy which is much appreciated [and will] help in my ability to remain in the City and adapt to paying market rent in my new home. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else in similar need.

Ken S.

I had quite a complicated issue with my landlord and was referred to Eric Toscano by a friend. He took the time to thoroughly research my case, provide me with clear information, fully inform me of the applicable laws and what my options were. He is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients in fighting for tenants’ rights. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!

Ashley T.

Extremely Thorough and Professional – 

I highly recommend Tenant Law Group. Eric Toscano was a pleasure to work with; extremely thorough and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again if I need a lawyer in the future.

Lauren P.

Our Parents

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