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The Best for a Tenant/Landlord Dispute Resolution – 

Eric represented us recently in a tenant/landlord dispute. He is one of the most thorough attorneys in SF. His attention to his clients is both friendly, personable and professional. His preparation is meticulous and exudes a confidence that is both reassuring and contagious. He has a great ability to make “legalese” understandable and not some form of a foreign language. I would highly recommend Eric for anyone having tenant/landlord issues.


I am very pleased with and grateful to you because you were like an angel who appeared from nowhere. I admired your professionalism, and respect you as a person because you always treated us in a very friendly manner and we felt like we had a good friend. You did a great job in resolving and helping us with our case. You were a great, honest, hardworking, and professional lawyer. You are not like other lawyers; you are unique, and you fight for our rights with professionalism until the end. Again, thank you very much for everything.

Ana P.

Thorough, Professional, and Compassionate – 

I was referred to Eric by another law firm in November of 2015. My fiancé and I were living in an apartment in SF with serious water leaks from the steam heat pipes resulting in extreme mold damage. We had to leave our apartment due to my specific allergies to the mold and a handful of other tenants in the building also either moved out or were displaced for months. We had to find alternative housing, bouncing around homes of friends, a hotel stay and finally a month-to-month apartment. It was definitely life disrupting. Our landlords were not nice people and took a very long time to decide to make repairs the “right way.” They were rude, non-communicative, and would not provide any status updates on how they were going to handle the situation unless barraged by complaints and questions from multiple tenants. My neighbors and I exhausted ourselves in trying to get our landlords to do the right thing to no avail, and our last option was a lawsuit. When we got to meet Eric in person I knew we had to sign with him. He is a nice and welcoming guy to start off with, professional yet very personable, he is smart without being conceded, compassionate to our plight but able to move us forward from our emotions to action. He explained the legal process to us and made himself available via email or phone if needed. You can tell he cares about the housing crisis in SF and holds the law to a high standard. Although we rarely had to meet with Eric in person, he kept us up-to-date via email and was timely and responsive to all my questions. He listened to us and gave good feedback to all the changes and comments I made when collaborating on our settlement agreement. I trusted him to take care of all the deadlines and legal paperwork, all the legal stuff went very smoothly. Our case finally settled favorably in mediation this past October of 2016, we were in it for the long haul together and Eric kept us updated and at ease. Mediation was stressful, but we had a great team. Three months after he has given us our settlement checks he emails me to check up on us. You will want to be his friend. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family who need a lawyer, and even if he didn’t practice the type of law they needed I feel confident he would be able to find another stellar lawyer to recommend. If you need a lawyer or are in a sticky tenant-landlord situation (I am sure there on tons in SF) please do not hesitate and contact Tenant Law Group now, you will not regret it. I will definitely contact him for any future needs (although I truly hope this was our first and LAST lawsuit experience). Thanks for everything Eric you are one of the great ones in your profession!

Danielle S.

My roommate and I were illegally evicted from our apartment via an OMI. The experience of being evicted illegally was very stressful and very unsettling. During the OMI process I must have spoken to over a dozen attorneys. Finally, an attorney friend recommended Eric Toscano/Tenant Law Group. Eric and his team were great advocates for us from day 1. They were knowledgeable, thoughtful, communicative, honest, and extremely helpful. They worked very hard for us, guided us through the entire process, were patient with our questions and ultimately gained us a very successful outcome. I am so glad we worked with Eric and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is going through the terrible experience of an illegal eviction and looking for an attorney who is experienced, fair, honest, thoughtful, caring and, perhaps above all else, will do his best to deliver you a favorable and fair outcome.

Emily C.

Words Are Insufficient to Express My Gratitude – 

Words are insufficient to express my gratitude to you for your legal services to me regarding the conclusion of my 30-year tenancy . . . . You exhibited extensive and expert knowledge of San Francisco tenant/landlord law and rent control ordinances as they applied to my personal situation, and in general. [Y]ou were available by phone and in person and provided accurate and excellent advice, personal and empathetic support throughout what had become for me a stressful crisis; and you took, with consultation, professional legal action in my best interests. You were very and immediately responsive and accommodating in communications, despite my lack of email and Internet access. You negotiated a very reasonable and generous buyout of my tenancy which is much appreciated [and will] help in my ability to remain in the City and adapt to paying market rent in my new home. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone else in similar need.

Ken S.

I highly recommend working with Eric and his team at the Tenant Law Group for your legal needs. Eric is the consummate professional – dedicated, passionate, hardworking, detail oriented, and smart. Eric has helped me in a few different situations in the past, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended, and thank you!!!

Lawrence G.

Unfortunate Situation Resolved with Ease – 

I unfortunately had bed bugs in my apartment as the building itself was infested. My landlord was very unresponsive and unhelpful to the point where I had to move out. Eric and his partners were very understanding and diligent about informing me of my options and ability to resolve the matter. They created a fair settlement which I am extraordinarily pleased with. I would have no trouble recommending him or his firm to anyone who is facing an unfortunate living situation.


Fantastic Lawyer – 

I never have the time to review anything BUT this time I must show my gratification to Eric Toscano! He is truly a fantastic lawyer/highly professional who shows and acts with great care for his clients. He is always prompt with my inquiries considering I reside in Canada. Eric brought my case to a satisfactory resolution.

Kristine E.

A Win-Win Attorney – 

My partner and I received an eviction notice from our landlords after 20 years of living in their home. Eric was a godsend to us. First, he spoke with us for some time, giving us information and guidance, with no charge. Thanks to Eric, we realized that at that time there was nothing that we wanted, or needed, to do. Eventually we decided to try to go for a buyout with the landlords and Eric’s attitude and intention was great – he was looking for both parties to win. When our landlords gave us a 60-day eviction Eric was still trying to help us extend the time. He was kind, patient, really smart and helpful. I’ve never hired a lawyer before and I am so glad that he is the one we hired. He is completely professional and warm. He also works quickly and efficiently. He’s very honest. We overpaid him and never would have known it if he hadn’t called our attention to it. If you need help, call Eric. This was one of the most stressful times in my life and knowing that Eric had my back made it feel a lot better.


My girlfriend had the unfortunate luck of a flooded apartment from four stories above. The property management company was trying to bully her into taking and unreasonable compensation for her nearly 18 days out of the house. We contacted Tenant Law Group and spoke/worked with Eric Toscano, he was nothing short of amazing!  The speed at which he communicated and resolved our matter was fantastic, really made an unpleasant situation MUCH better for us.

Geoff C.