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Tenant Rights Special Report

Tenant Rights
Special Report

Can I Recover Money for Being Forced Out of My Rental Unit? Ten Signs You Are Being Illegally Evicted

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Secured a global settlement of over $420,000.00 twenty-four days before trial on behalf of two elderly tenants who alleged they had beenRead More

$250,000.00 Settlement in San Francisco Harassment

Secured a quarter-million-dollar settlement fifty-four days before trial on behalf of two professional women alleging they had been wrongfully evicted from theirRead More

$225,000.00 Settlement in Oakland Harassment and

Secured a $225,000.00 on behalf of three immigrants (a single mother, her minor son, and a family friend), who resided in theRead More

Do I Have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Our office handles a variety of landlord-tenant matters. While landlord-tenant disputes frequently arise, not all scenarios give rise to legal claims. Click below to learn more about whether your dispute may warrant legal action, if it could potentially qualify as a contingency case, and if it is a good fit for our firm.



My girlfriend had the unfortunate luck of a flooded apartment from four stories above. The property management company was trying to bully her into taking and unreasonable compensation for her nearly 18 days out of the house. We contacted Tenant Law Group and spoke/worked with Eric Toscano, he was nothing short of amazing!  The speed at which he communicated and resolved our matter was fantastic, really made an unpleasant situation MUCH better for us.

Geoff C.

Eric is a dedicated, organized, and thoughtful tenant and eviction attorney. His professionalism and ingenuity were obvious upon our first meeting. I would definitely recommend that clients, colleagues, and friends engage his services if any landlord-tenant issues arise in SF or the surrounding areas.

Diana P.

Eric has been a wonderful resource for my clients. Each person had an excellent experience with him and his team. Even when the case was not his specialty, Eric went out of the way to make sure that he found a great referral for them and followed up to ensure they were well taken care of and happy. He is sharp, compassionate and just an all-around great guy! He’s passionate about looking out for those that are being wrongly treated and has a heart to serve others.

Allen H.

Our Parents

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