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Tenant Rights Special Report

Tenant Rights
Special Report

Can I Recover Money for Being Forced Out of My Rental Unit? Ten Signs You Are Being Illegally Evicted

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Secured a global settlement of over $420,000.00 twenty-four days before trial on behalf of two elderly tenants who alleged they had beenRead More

$250,000.00 Settlement in San Francisco Harassment

Secured a quarter-million-dollar settlement fifty-four days before trial on behalf of two professional women alleging they had been wrongfully evicted from theirRead More

$225,000.00 Settlement in Oakland Harassment and

Secured a $225,000.00 on behalf of three immigrants (a single mother, her minor son, and a family friend), who resided in theRead More

Do I Have a Case?

Do I Have a Case?

Our office handles a variety of landlord-tenant matters. While landlord-tenant disputes frequently arise, not all scenarios give rise to legal claims. Click below to learn more about whether your dispute may warrant legal action, if it could potentially qualify as a contingency case, and if it is a good fit for our firm.



Eric Toscano has done wonderful things for the tenants whom he represents. Even though I represent, for the most part, high-end, wealthy, well educated professionals, who own large multiple unit buildings, I often refer these tenants to Eric because he’s a traditionalist: hard-working, knowledgeable, and a really great guy. He gives sounded vice, charges reasonable prices, and really cares about his clients. I’ve known him for going on three years, and I’ve always found him to be sincere and interested in other people.

Craig A.

Unfortunate Situation Resolved with Ease – 

I unfortunately had bed bugs in my apartment as the building itself was infested. My landlord was very unresponsive and unhelpful to the point where I had to move out. Eric and his partners were very understanding and diligent about informing me of my options and ability to resolve the matter. They created a fair settlement which I am extraordinarily pleased with. I would have no trouble recommending him or his firm to anyone who is facing an unfortunate living situation.


Calm, Considerate, and Practical Review of My Legal Exposure – 

I went to Eric in response to a contract I signed regarding a personal matter. His knowledge and insight were instrumental in alleviating the anxiety I was having after signing the agreement. He outlined a practical plan for potential pitfalls I may encounter while the agreement is running and now I don’t feel so powerless in a situation that I find stressful. I highly recommend Eric.


Our Parents

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