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What We Do.
We help you get a fresh start by helping you recover money for the harm you suffered.
As California’s leading tenant rights law firm, we believe all California residential tenants are entitled to legal representation, regardless of their financial resources. While our clients include renters from all backgrounds, our rental lawyers are especially dedicated to the most vulnerable renters—namely, the indigent, the elderly, immigrants, blue-collar workers, and individuals with disabilities.
  • Serving All California Tenants
  • No Upfront Costs for Court Cases
  • 100+ Positive Reviews
  • 90%+ Success Rate
  • 100% Virtual Firm
  • Monthly Status Updates
  • Translators & Interpreters
  • Online Case Management
$25 Million+
recovered for
California Tenants
of satisfied clients
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We fight for the rights of every
California family whose rights
as renters have been violated.