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Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Annie Romerod

Annie joined Tenant Law Group in November 2020 as the firm’s Client Intake Specialist and later served as a Client Engagement Specialist before being promoted to Executive Assistant & Office Manager. She is responsible for supporting and assisting Chief Operating Officer Nicole Lionetti. Additionally, she oversees discreet projects, oversees the firmwide calendar, plans firmwide events, and ensures all team members have the supplies they need to do their jobs.

Annie received a bachelor’s degree in medicine from the University of Monterrey, Mexico in December 2015. Before joining Tenant Law Group, she worked as an Operations Manager for an outdoor advertising company in San Antonio. There, she managed and directed team activities; monitored progress; collaborated with business partners; and assisted with issue escalation, solution determination, and issue resolution. Before that, she also worked as an Operations Supervisor for one of the world’s leading providers of broadband satellite services. There, she provided leadership and management to associates; trained and developed a supervisory team; coached and mentored team supervisors; and supervised multiple teams for clients.

A goal-oriented person, Annie enjoys being part of a team, has an eye for detail, and works tirelessly for a positive client experience.

She enjoys reading, listening to music, and painting. When she not working, she enjoys practicing calligraphy and lettering.

Annie speaks native Spanish, fluent English, some Portuguese, and some French.

Hobbies & Activities:

  • Painting
  • Listening to music
  • Lettering