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Our Intake Process

Our goal is to provide as much value as possible to all renters who contact our firm—whether or not they become clients. Renters generally contact us because they need legal advice or legal representation. The goal of our intake process is to understand the issues you are grappling with and your desired outcome so that we can recommend the appropriate legal service to help you achieve your goals.
1. We Conduct an Intake

You share with us some basic information about your tenancy (e.g., rental property address, current rent, length of tenancy, etc.) and your desired outcome. You can do this by phone or via an online intake form—whichever option you prefer.

2. We Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

We review the information you provided and schedule a free case evaluation with a non-attorney member of our New Client Intake & Engagement Team.

3. We Recommend a Service

During your Free Case Evaluation, we discuss your matter and your desired outcome in greater detail and recommend a service that will best assist you in achieving this outcome.

California Tenant Lawyers

Types of Cases We Handle

We help California tenants who have been harassed, discriminated against, forced to endure uninhabitable living conditions, and/or illegally evicted recover money for their losses. We also offer attorney consultations during which our experienced Advice Attorney can answer any questions about landlord-tenant law, help tenants understand their rights, and create action plans to resolve any type of landlord-tenant dispute. We also represent renters at rent board hearings.

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Who We Help

California Families

While our team is knowledgeable enough to handle any variety of landlord-tenant disputes, the one constant is that we only represent tenants—never landlords. We dedicate 100% of our practice to helping California renters. Whether your legal matter involves a studio, apartment, in-law unit, condominium, single-family home, tenancy, or subtenancy, Tenant Law Group is here to help.

We strongly believe that no renter should live in a unit in which they do not feel safe, or comfortable, or where minimum standards of habitability are not met. Regardless of a tenant’s rent, financial resources, immigration status, or background, all renters deserve to have their rights respected.

Wherever you live in California, our tenant rights attorneys use the residential rental ordinances in your city, along with state and federal law, to get you compensation from your landlord. Renters’ rights in Los Angeles are protected by different rules and regulations than those that apply to tenants in Oakland. Tenant Law Group wins compensation for tenants throughout California, in Sacramento and San Francisco, in San Diego and San Jose, in LA and Oakland, and everywhere in between.
Protecting Your Rights As a Renter in California
The Process of a Lawsuit (Litigation)

Rental agreement lawsuits can be complex and time-consuming. At Tenant Law Group, we make this process a lot easier for you. As your case moves forward, our team will communicate with you at every step of the process. We care about our clients and will only summon you as needed. The process typically involves the steps shown in the following illustration:

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2. Pleading Phase
3. Discovery
4. Pretrial

Before filing a lawsuit, the parties may try to resolve their dispute through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.

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