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San Francisco Rent Board Hearings – Legal Assistance for Tenants

Legal Representation for Rent Board Petitions in San Francisco

San Francisco Rent Board Attorneys

If your landlord has violated your renter rights, you may be able to seek a resolution through petitioning your local rent board. Working with an experienced rent board attorney can help you prepare your petition and feel more confident at your hearing.

At Tenant Law Group, our San Francisco tenant lawyers are dedicated to social justice and believe everyone deserves dedicated legal representation. When you work with us, we make your needs a priority. Our core values include zealous advocacy, constant client communication, professionalism and civility among lawyers, respect for work-life balance, and technological innovation. We have been recognized for our work through various industry accolades, and we are members of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

Petitioning the Rent Board of San Francisco

Several situations can be resolved by petitioning your local rent board. This is a valuable resource as it offers tenants the opportunity to hold landlords and property managers accountable for any tenant rights violations, as well as to have their issues resolved.

If you are a tenant in the Bay Area or the surrounding areas, you may petition your rent board over:

  • Illegal rent increases
  • Substantial decreases in housing services
  • Failure to repair and maintain your unit or the property
  • Improper passthroughs
  • Failure to discontinue a capital improvement passthrough
  • Proportional rent claim by a subtenant against a master tenant
  • Unlawful initial rent claim by a subtenant
  • Wrongful evictions

One of the most common types of cases brought before local rent boards are attempts by landlords to increase rents beyond the permitted amount under that rent board’s annual rent increase.

Don’t Go to a Hearing without Representation

If you are bringing a petition before your local rent board, it is recommended that you secure legal representation. An experienced San Francisco tenantlawyer familiar with rent board hearings can help you prepare for your hearing and can back you up in court. Additionally, because the rent boards are not part of the judicial system, should the rent board not rule in your favor, a knowledgeable renter rights lawyer can help you explore other legal remedies to your issue. At Tenant Law Group, our attorneys are well-versed in all tenant laws and local ordinances, and we have represented clients across Oakland, the Bay Area, and surrounding communities. We also speak Spanish, Italian, and Vietnamese.
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