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Senior Advisor & Firm Photographer

Stephanie C. Toscano, Esq.

Stephanie C. Toscano, Esq. is Tenant Law Group’s Senior Advisor and Photographer. She counsels the Founder & CEO in a variety of areas, including business strategy, legal strategy, operations, marketing, and human resources; is the firm’s photographer; and also serves as Tenant Law Group’s corporate secretary.

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Studies from DePaul University and a Juris Doctor from UC Davis School of Law (King Hall). She practiced civil litigation at Downey Brand LLP in Sacramento.

In January 2012, she founded Stephanie Court Photography, a photography studio specializing in portrait photography in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Stephanie’s work has been featured on numerous online and print publications. Stephanie is also the wife of Eric and the proud mother of their sons, Henry and Louie.

Hobbies & Activities:

  • Photography
  • Family