Understanding the Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

Under California law, every residential lease contains two implied promises (or “covenants”) that apply regardless of whether they explicitly appear in a rental agreement.  One is the warranty of habitability, which provides that rented properties must meet certain minimum standards of liveability, as set forth in California Civil Code section 1941.1 and California Health and Safety Code sections 17920.3 and Read More

Be a Wary Tenant: Four Signs of Housing Discrimination

It took awhile, but you finally found a clean and spacious one-bedroom apartment in the Mission that you can afford.  According to the property management’s website, the rental unit is available. However, when you call for a viewing, you get an odd response. The property manager seems friendly until you provide an ethnic surname.  The caller begins to hedge and suddenly claims the apartment is rented. One week Read More

The Bay Area is One of the Most Bed Bug-Infested Places in the United States: What to Do Next if You Have a Bed Bug Problem

Anyone who’s ever lived with bed bugs will likely tell you it was one of the worst experiences of his or her life. Bed bugs may not carry disease, but some people react to their bites by developing itchy red welts that resemble flea bites.   Infestations are notoriously difficult to treat.  If not detected early, bed bugs can take over entire buildings, moving easily from one unit to the next.  Unless all infested Read More

Five Tips for Tenants in Search of a Rental Unit After an Eviction

Getting evicted can be devastating, but it doesn’t mean you can never rent again. If your landlord is attempting to recover possession of your rental unit, you may be able to avoid the eviction process entirely if the landlord is engaging in illegal behavior. Contact us to go over your options. If, however, you’ve already been evicted—either formally through an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit or informally Read More

What Are Buyouts?

As individuals continue to flock to the Bay Area, demand for rental housing exceeds supply, driving up rents. Many Bay Area renters live in cities with both rent control and eviction control. Rent control limits how much a landlord can increase rent each year. Eviction control prohibits landlords from evicting tenants except for certain specified reasons. Rent control and eviction control ensures long-term renters Read More


Originally Posted August 3, 2016 prior to our name change to Tenant Law Group, PC in 2018.    The other day, two former clients reminded me why I became a plaintiff’s attorney. I had first met the two, a married couple, nearly two years ago. They were tenants who had endured severe harassment at the hands of a former landlord. I filed suit on their behalf and pursued claims against the landlord. Over Read More

What Is A Wrongful Eviction?

Originally Posted in 2016 prior to our name change to Tenant Law Group, PC in 2018.  When I am asked what type of work I do, my response is always the same: “I help Bay Area tenants forced out of rent-controlled apartments get back on their feet.” This describes an ideal client for us. I am often asked whether our focus is unlawful detainer (eviction) defense. The short answer is no. An unlawful detainer is a Read More

Feeling Giant

Originally Posted August 18, 2016 prior to our name change to Tenant Law Group, PC in 2018.  As a San Francisco law firm with an office less than a mile from AT&T Park, Toscano Law Group, PC proudly supports the San Francisco Giants. Friday night was a rare treat for me. I (Eric) had the honor of accompanying my younger sister Ellen onto the field before the game against the Orioles to watch and record her Read More

Know Your Rights: What Does A Buyout Entail And How Do I Know If It’s Right For Me?

Originally Posted in 2016 prior to our name change to Tenant Law Group, PC in 2018.  Given the limited stock of available rental units in the Bay Area, it has become more common for tenants in below-market rent-controlled apartments to be approached by their landlord to discuss a buyout. A buyout is a voluntary transaction whereby a tenant agrees to vacate a rent-controlled apartment in exchange for (1) a payment Read More

Airbnb Registration and The Effects on Tenants

Originally Posted in 2016 prior to our name change to Tenant Law Group, PC in 2018.  On Tuesday, June 7, 2016 San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed a new law by a vote of 10-0 requiring Airbnb and other short-term rental hosting platforms to confirm their hosts have registered with the City and County of San Francisco before allowing any listings on their respective sites. According to the City, only around Read More