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Thank you for considering Tenant Law Group for your referral! As a token of our sincerest gratitude, we would like to give both you and the potential new client (PNC) you are referring the VIP treatment. Find below information about our firm, our mission statement, a summary of our intake process, and how to make a referral to ensure a great intake experience for the PNC.

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Who We Are.

About Tenant Law Group

Founded in 2016, Tenant Law Group is one of the largest law firms in the United States dedicated exclusively to representing renters. 

We help California tenants who have been illegally evicted, discriminated against, harassed, or forced to endure unlivable conditions recover money for their losses. We also offer virtual attorney consultations, during which tenants can meet with an attorney via Zoom or by phone for legal advice.

We are committed to growing our firm as rapidly as possible to serve the approximately 17.5 million Californians who are renters—a number that represents approximately 5% of the United States population.  In 2022, Inc. 5000 recognized Tenant Law Group as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States.  Of the 42 law firms on the 2022 Inc. 5000 List, Tenant Law Group ranked #22 among them (#3,448 overall). Law Firm 500 has recognized Tenant Law Group as one of the fastest growing law firms in the country in each of its four years of eligibility: #22 in 2019, #12 in 2020, #40 in 2021, and #78 in 2022. 

Our attorneys, including our Founder & CEO, have been recognized as Super Lawyers® (a distinction reserved for no more than 5% of attorneys in the state) and Super Lawyers® Rising Stars (a distinction reserved for no more than 2.5% of attorneys in the state). 

In 2021 and 2022, Tenant Law Group was certified as a Great Place to Work®. 

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Our Intake Process

Our goal is to provide as much value as possible to all renters who contact our firm—whether or not they become clients. Renters generally contact us because they need legal advice or legal representation. The goal of our intake process is to understand the issues potential new clients (PNCs) are grappling with and their desired outcome so that we can recommend the appropriate legal service to help PNCs achieve their goals.
1. We Conduct an Intake

PNCs share with us some basic information about their tenancy (e.g., rental property address, current rent, length of tenancy, etc.) and their desired outcome. They can do this via phone, chat, or online intake form—whichever option the PNC prefers. If we cannot help the PNC (e.g., the PNC is a landlord who needs a landlord attorney), we will provide a referral.

2. We Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

We review the information the PNC provided and schedule a free case evaluation with a non-attorney member of our New Client Intake & Engagement Team.

3. We Recommend a Service

During a Free Case Evaluation, we discuss the PNC’s matter and desired outcome in greater detail and recommend a service that will best assist the PNC in achieving that outcome.

Mission Statement

Tenant Law Group is dedicated to helping California renters who have been harassed, injured, discriminated against, illegally evicted, or forced to endure inhumane living conditions. 

We are committed to the ideal that all tenants, regardless of financial resources, are entitled to legal representation.  While our clients include renters from all backgrounds, we are especially dedicated to those who are most vulnerable—namely, the indigent, the elderly, immigrants, blue-collar workers, and individuals with disabilities. 

We believe in doing well by doing good, understand the high demand for tenant rights legal services in California generally and in the Bay Area in particular, and therefore aim to grow our firm as rapidly as possible to serve the approximately eighteen million renters in California. 

We treat our clients with dignity and respect, and value the personal and professional development of everyone in our organization.

Our Core Values

  • Justice
  • Compassion
  • Professionalism
  • Hard Work
  • Innovation

Tenant Law Group is an equal opportunity employer.

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100+ Professionals We Know, Like, And Trust

Our Team 100 Program

At Tenant Law Group, we believe that providing prospective, current, and former clients with excellent referrals is one of the best services we can provide. It is a win for the individual referred in that they will benefit from connecting with a vetted professional, a win for the professional referred in that they will benefit from the new client or customer, and a win for Tenant Law Group in helping to the referred individual resolve their problem. We have created an extensive list of over one hundred professionals we know, like, and trust, and who we continually vet to ensure they are among the best in their profession or field. We refer to this group as our “Team 100,” and make our Team 100 list available for download from the Resources page of our website. We also feature Team 100 referral partners in our monthly e-newsletter, which is sent to over 10,000 subscribers.


As noted, our goal is to deliver value to all renters who contact our firm, whether or not they become clients. Both clients and PNCs often ask us for referrals to professionals who can help them resolve legal and non-legal problems. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best referrals possible. Consistent with this philosophy, we do not pay referral fees. It is our goal to earn the trust of attorneys and other professionals so that they will refer PNCs to Tenant Law Group because they know all PNCs will be treated well—not because they have an opportunity to earn a referral fee.

If you would like to refer a PNC to Tenant Law Group, you can do so in one of three ways:

1. By Phone. Your PNC can contact our intake team by phone at (415) 801-8878 (San Francisco), (510) 905-1012 (Oakland), or (213) 772-3292 (Los Angeles). Receptionists are available 24/7.

2. Online. Your PNC can visit our “Get Started” page here to start the intake process by completing an online form. The PNC will automatically receive instructions on our intake process immediately after clicking “Submit.”

3. By Email. If you’d prefer to make an email introduction, send a message to, which will be directed to our Client Intake Specialists, with our Client Intake & Engagement Manager Thomas C. Gatti copied. Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing. We will follow up by email or call your PNC if you have included a phone number as soon as possible.

Apply Now

If you are a professional interested in referrals from Tenant Law Group, we encourage you to apply for our Team 100 Program by filling out the form below.