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Justin C. Ellis

Justin joined Tenant Law Group in January 2023. He currently dedicates one hundred percent of his practice to helping tenants recover money damages following egregious landlord behavior, and negotiating settlements or taking matters to arbitration, mediation, and trial if needed.

Justin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Notre Dame de Namur University and his Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law.

A versatile and adaptable attorney with eleven years of experience spanning rural legal services, housing law, property management, and community affairs, Justin is well-versed in constantly evolving housing and construction laws at local, state, and federal levels. Before his legal career, Justin worked as a Property Manager at Nicholas A. Stevens Property Management, as a Site Operations Manager, Medtronic Inc. at SBM Site Services, and Senior Community Manager at Sares Regis Group Inc. After earning his law license, Justin worked as a Litigation Attorney at Pahl & McCay, where he advised over twenty-five clients on property management, landlord-tenant issues, sales contracts, real estate investments, and other legal matters. He later opened his own law firm, Housing Law Advocates, where he specialized in residential landlord-tenant law, advising California tenants on legal and strategic matters. He later worked as the Directing Attorney at California Rural Legal Assistance Inc., where he led legal operations for a pro bono law office, serving vulnerable communities in rural areas of California; mentored and oversaw junior attorneys and support staff; and delivered legal advice and guidance on landlord-tenant law, disability/social security law, employment law, and the Fair Housing Act.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys ice hockey, chess, reading, classical music and spending time with family.

Hobbies & Activities:

  • Chess
  • Family
  • Hockey